Counter or domain administrator Profit Plus System / SAP

Interest Area: Counter or domain administrator Profit Plus System / SAP
Position Description:
  • Prepare account analysis, in order to verify the records and accounts affected. Make adjustments arising from account analysis.
  • Develop and record transactions of company operations in order to keep the accounting information generated by the company.
  • Keep up to date accounting records in order to have timely information to enable decision making.
  • Reconciliation and analysis of bank accounts.
  • Development of seats and reclassification adjustments.
  • Conduct internal audits.
Academic Level: TSU in accounting / business administration.
Job type:
Position Requirements: Maturity, empathy, assertive communication, confidentiality, synthetic and analytical thinking, organization and timeliness, quantitative ability.
Experience: Five 5 years in accounting departments.
Age: Greater than 30 years.
Gender: Female.
Salary: Unspecified.

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