Interest Area: Operators.
Job Description:
  • Provide telephone and personalized attention to customers.
  • Ensure a successful professional and customer service.
  • Channel through the corresponding all requirements analyst sent by the client.
  • Channel the E-mails that come to the department for problems, suggestions or requests from the client.
  • Provide support to consultants in connection with the information management support.
  • Actively participate in the learning and use of new tools and features, allowing it to be a multiplier of the same to the group of consultants and analysts.
  • Ability to work in team.
Studying: Technician or student of the last years of the race.
Type of position
Requirements of the position: Ability to work under pressure. Dynamic, Customer Focus, Proactive.
Experience: Experience in similar positions developing activities and Customer Support.
Age: Between 21 and 25 years.
Sex: Not specified.
Salary: Not specified.

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