Business Plans

We offer a variety of options to improve your business efficiency with products to suit your printing, scanning and copying needs. Our services represent a great opportunity to lower financing costs by saving money and time, making you concentrate on your business productivity.

More than 20 years of experience working exclusively to solve needs in the area of printing and copying mainly oriented to the corporate sector allows us to design and deliver products and services that companies can control and reduce operating costs of printing and copying documents. Our goal is to provide support and world-class care to all those companies wishing to ensure the continued availability of its platform printing, consumable and consistent levels of service as expected and agreed.

Designed for those corporate customers who have occasional needs for printing and copying specific times predetermined either by project or special contracts, thus avoiding having to buy a computer that still has life once the period of time.

Properly manage Information Technology resources is an ongoing need to maintain competitiveness and enhance growth of any business. But developing an adequately prepared and updated department forces the company to subtract the attention and resources to what really is important: the success of your business. Thus in recent years, the value of implementing an outsourcing service has grown exponentially for business and operation of printing / copying of documents has not escaped this trend.

We offer our clients the service of high-volume scanning classified as follows:

  • Integration with the Database to its ERP and CRM in order to make document management.

We have extensive experience in the service of Variable Data, day by day strive to offer high quality product, and with the best technology which recognizes the trust our customers have placed in our hands.We currently have a processing capacity:

  • 25 800 duplex impressions per hour.
  • 15 000 Envelopes per hour.


With the passing of time we have ventured into other niche markets that has led us to expand our portfolio of solutions for small and medium business, developing through wholesale distribution channels, distributors, retailers that allow us to reach that small client in the office or at home. This experience has helped us to exercise our performance and expand our knowledge in this market. We have over 600 stores Level Where can buy National our portfolio of products, online desktop, which are supported by our authorized wholesalers.